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Located in Charlotte, North Carolina, the dental office of Dr. Sims and Williams dental office has been in the University area, Charlotte, NC since 1985.

The photos you see on this website are not photos of photo models we've never met, or any famous Hollywood personalities. Those are real people, patients of Dr. Sims: the school teacher, the college graduate, the grandmother, the hard working fellow we meet in our everyday lives. She or He can be YOU!

Driven by one passion – to provide world-class dentistry for you, for your family, and your friends at Sims and Williams Dentistry the emphasis is put on the highest quality, the maximum longevity, and the most pleasing esthetics.

Sims and Williams Dentistry is providing quality dental care through careful planning and consultation with every client, all phases of general, restorative, esthetic, and cosmetic dentistry are right here for you. Sims and Williams Dentistry is committed to the highest standards of service and ethics, and pledge to the care that is right for you


Are you having dental or TMJ problems? Are you stressed out because of the economy? Are you grinding your teeth? Are you having facial pain?Are your teeth wearing down?

"It doesn't have to cost a fortune..."

Jim's teeth were severely worn down. He was having difficulty chewing effectively, and told us he was self-conscious about his smile. Jim also made his budgetary concerns very clear.

Through a careful planning and sequencing process, Dr. Sims restored Jim's mouth to ideal function, comfort, and appearance.

We stayed within Jim's budget by combining ceramic crowns with some new fillings, and by retaining some satisfactory, pre-existing dentistry in the back of Jim's mouth.

Thoroughness of exam; identification of what's working and what isn't; listening carefully to your needs and wishes; and working closely together can give you results like Jim's without breaking the bank.

Call us today to find out how we can help you just like we helped Jim.

As we post this, Jim is in the Caribbean teaching scuba diving. Enjoy the warm weather, Jim


Made In USA:    All Laboratory-Processed restorations are fabricated by the best, most experienced, and most meticulous Dental Laboratories in the United States. We only use Dental Laboratories that are registered with the United States FDA, and which carry at least ISO 9001 certification. We do not outsource to laboratories in other countries, and do not use volume-driven “cheap” dental laboratories.

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